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Access to Abortion in Australia: why the medical profession should remain a secular space

Australia isn’t the most progressive amongst Western democracies. It was only in 2021 that Abortion was officially decriminalized in South Australia, with The Termination of Pregnancy Bill only coming into effect in mid-2022. This sheds some light on problems surrounding accessibility to abortion services for pregnant people and the potential revision for doctors being given…


After experiencing sustained pressure in the workplace for over two years, most healthcare workers and teachers are deciding to quit their jobs. Burnout is troublesome when public health systems are reliant on healthcare workers so patients can get the appropriate medical treatment they deserve. Perhaps healthcare shortages and overwhelmed hospitals is an alarming enough sign…

Women’s Rights: Poland’s anti-abortion law

In October 2020, Poland implemented strict anti-abortion laws which meant that women could only legally access abortion in cases of incest or rape. President Andrzej Duda, at the time, proposed potentially reintroducing women’s access to abortion ‘due to fetal abnormalities,’ however this would only be limited to defects that would be considered ‘immediately life-threatening.’ In…


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