The Matrix: A review

Aside from the fantastic 90s style fight scenes and latex costumes, the Matrix has a lot to say about societies current relationship with technology and AI. Although we are not currently being held captive and used as batteries by a superior form of AI, AI development and technology can either be seen as beneficial orContinue reading “The Matrix: A review”

The importance of addressing the Rohingya Crisis

Exclusion and discrimination are often experienced by ethnic minorities in regions of conflict, however it’s not uncommon for these radical ideologies to develop into ethnic cleansing. Since the 1970s, Muslim Rohingya have been forced to leave their homes in Myanmar due to the increase of unfair policies. As a result of the Burmese government’s repressiveContinue reading “The importance of addressing the Rohingya Crisis”

Gender Equality: The Existing Gender Pay Gap

Gender inequality has been entrenched into our society. Commonly associated with women gaining equal rights to men, we’ve paved the way for women’s rights organisations, however we can look at useful indicators such as the gender pay gap which show the degree of this inequality experienced by women. Despite gains being made, often there areContinue reading “Gender Equality: The Existing Gender Pay Gap”


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Hi, I’m B. I’m currently a University Student undertaking an undergraduate degree in International Politics and Middle East studies. I love adventuring and reading, however reading and writing about politics and social issues is a passion of mine.

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