The erosion of civil liberties in Modi’s India

Modi’s administration in India has been a prime hotspot for increasing religious tensions between Muslims and Hindus. With the increase of anti-Muslim sentiment rising in India, Modi’s administration has led to the erosion of civil liberties for Muslims, in which I argue, amounts to an ethnic cleansing campaign. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been slowlyContinue reading “The erosion of civil liberties in Modi’s India”

Myanmar military coup

In the past few months, tensions have risen in Myanmar after the detention of Aung San Suu Kyi along with other high level government figures, with the military taking control of the country in a coup. A state of emergency was declared. Armed forces are backing the opposition who demand for a rerun of theContinue reading “Myanmar military coup”

Airstrikes in Syria as retaliation against Iranian-backed militias

In late February 2021, the United Stated used airstrikes on buildings in eastern Syria. These orders were made by President Joe Biden and the buildings were said by the Pentagon to be utilised by militias that are backed by Iran. The airstrikes were used as a form of retaliation for rocket attacks in Iraq onContinue reading “Airstrikes in Syria as retaliation against Iranian-backed militias”


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